Lifetime Warranty

Floor Liners by Bedrock - 1st Row Set

  • 100% guaranteed to fit
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Made from ultra-durable Australian TPE
  • Cover extends over door sill
  • All-weather bucket style design captures dirt and liquid
  • Driver side liner engineered for a Pedal Safe Gap
  • Compatible with existing OE retention fittings
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to remove, hose down to clean
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Australian made Yes
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Delivery & returns

How much is shipping?

It’s free. We don’t charge to deliver any of our products.

It’s free. 

How long will it take?

This Floor Liner set is made to order, right here in Australia. You should allow between #deliveryeta# working days for us to make and dispatch your liners. Once it leaves our factory, you’ll get an email with tracking details so you can keep an eye on the delivery progress. *Please allow a few extra days for delivery during regular trading periods as well as peak shopping seasons like Christmas and EOFY.

Can I return it?

If you change your mind, purchase the wrong item, decide you no longer need your items, or you just don’t like your purchase as much as you thought you would, you can return your purchase under our 100 Day Return Policy.

Wear out warranty

Quality is built into every floor liner set. Guaranteed for life warranty against damage from heat, cold, and wear out under normal conditions. This warranty reflects our confidence in the Australian design and precise manufacturing process each liner goes through.

Warranty Lengths


Lifetime Warranty 

Fitment info icon Fitment info

Unfortunately, this product is not suitable for the selected car brand.

100% Fitment Guaranteed

This all-weather Bedrock Floor Liner set is Australian Made and 100% guaranteed to fit the floor of your #manufacture-year# #manufacture-name# #model-name#. It includes factory compatible car mat retention fittings to hold your 3D floor liner in place, is made from ultra-durable Australian TPE (rubber / plastic blend) and includes a lifetime warranty.

Stuff we get asked… a lot

Where is the liner made?

Proudly Australian made, the range is built first and foremost with quality in mind. To keep your vehicle in its best condition inside and out, only invest in a Bedrock. Australian made with quality Australian material.

It isn’t available for my car, when will you be making them?

This is, hands down, the most common question that we hear and the answer is simple - they’re custom made. Every set of Bedrock’s requires a unique tool that moulds the exact shape of the driver, passenger, and rear (if applicable) footwells. From there, it passes through our in-house testing processes before it’s made available to drivers like you. The only slight exceptions are rebadges like Ranger and BT50 where modifications can be made to the existing setup.

We’re currently taking feedback from drivers about which models to release over the next 6-12 months, while also keeping one eye on the overall vehicle sales market. Think your car would look good with a set? Drop us a line using the model request form and we’ll get to work on the models of greatest need first.

What is the liner made from?

We put the good stuff into every liner to ensure they stack up against the 100% Fitment Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty. Made from rubber for durability, and plastic for shape and fit, Bedrock Liners will stand strong in extreme heat or cool. It’s an extremely popular method of production in OE manufacturing, so we’re stoked to bring this method to drivers around the country.

Will it slip under foot?

The textured surface and rubber base ensure very little to no-slip under foot. Additionally, the ‘rock’ and ‘water’ designed patterns ensure liquid drains away from your feet to provide maximum grip on the daily.

I have a vinyl floor. Will the liner move?

Bedrocks are designed to fit snug in-and-around the unique footwells of each car and match the original (OEM) retention fitting systems. Fittings on the passenger side that are not OEM installed are not currently provided but we are actively looking into solutions to enhance what’s been the standard practice in vehicle floor mats.

Will I need to trim the liners to size?

Your Bedrock floor liners will be delivered all trimmed and cut to size for you. All you have to do is put them in.

The only exception is the VW Amarok & Navara NP300 with rear cup holders, which include a trim line to allow for the back seat cup holders.

Will they clip to the floor like my old mats?

Yes and no. All our floor liners are designed to fit exactly in the floor of your specific make and model. The mats are likely to be very similar in shape to the genuine mats but we may make changes in some models to optimise floor coverage, reduce pedal interference and improve production efficiency.

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